About Us

Guided by our purpose and values and powered by the experience and commitment of our people, we work to create value for communities, employees, investors and others by leveraging over a century’s worth of expertise at every stage of the mining cycle.

Hudbay is a copper-focused mining company with three long-life operations and a world-class pipeline of copper growth projects in tier-one mining-friendly jurisdictions of Canada, Peru and the United States.

Hudbay’s operating portfolio includes the Constancia mine in Cusco (Peru), the Snow Lake operations in Manitoba (Canada) and the Copper Mountain mine in British Columbia (Canada). Copper is the primary metal produced by the company, which is complemented by meaningful gold production. Hudbay’s growth pipeline includes the Copper World project in Arizona, the Mason project in Nevada (United States), the Llaguen project in La Libertad (Peru) and several expansion and exploration opportunities near its existing operations.

The value Hudbay creates and the impact it has is embodied in its purpose statement: “We care about our people, our communities and our planet. Hudbay provides the metals the world needs. We work sustainably, transform lives and create better futures for communities.” Hudbay’s mission is to create sustainable value and strong returns by leveraging its core strengths in community relations, focused exploration, mine development and efficient operations.

Our Strategy

Hudbay has implemented a consistent long-term growth strategy to drive sustainable value for our shareholders and the countries and communities in which we operate. We leverage our exploration, project development, capital discipline and ESG (environmental, social and governance) expertise to build long-life, low-cost mines in mining-friendly jurisdictions. Our intent is to build a world-class asset base with meaningful scale that increases reserves and drives growth through multiple cycles. Our strategy is inextricably linked to our values and deep commitment to responsible mining and sustainable development. This translates into strong, trust-based relationships with our community and government partners, generating mutual benefits and allowing us to build and operate our mines unimpeded by social conflict. We are intensely focused on attracting, retaining and developing top-tier people to sustain our competitive advantages in exploration, mine building and ESG.

One Hudbay One Purpose

In a few years, Hudbay will be celebrating 100 years in operation. Over that time, we have always worked to create value for all of our stakeholders and to make a contribution that extended beyond investment returns. Over the last decade, we have worked to articulate our values and, most recently, our purpose.


A company’s Purpose statement is designed to inspire, particularly those who matter most to an organization – employees, partners, customers, community members and investors. It should reflect the organization’s impact on the lives of the people it seeks to serve. It is about more than making money or increasing production – a Purpose statement should express the unique, positive difference that a company seeks to make in the world.

In developing our Purpose statement, we interviewed members of our senior leadership team and conducted brainstorming activities with superintendents, managers and directors from across all business units. We identified several key themes, which helped to shape our purpose statement.

We care…about our employees, their families, our local communities, the land/environment that we mine, and the planet.

We transform lives for the better.

Our metals are essential for modern society and a sustainable future.

We enable world-class production. We are leaders in operational excellence.

We used these insights to craft a final Purpose statement that aligns with our Values and provides us with a foundation to stand on, a goal to aim for and a star to steer by.

Our Purpose statement will replace our Vision statement and work with our new Mission statement, revised to more accurately reflect our investor focus, to represent Hudbay, our people and our activities.


Purpose Statement

Hudbay provides the metals the world needs. We work sustainably, transform lives and create better futures for communities.

We transform lives:

We invest in our employees, their families and local communities through long-term employment, local procurement and economic development to improve their quality of life and ensure the communities benefit from our presence.

We operate responsibly:

From exploration to closure, we operate safely and responsibly, we welcome innovation, and we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while following leading operating practices in all facets of mining.

We provide critical metals:

We produce copper and other metals needed for everyday products and essential for applications to support the energy transition toward a more sustainable future.


To create sustainable value and strong returns by leveraging our core strengths in community relations, focused exploration, mine development and efficient operations.


Purpose Book

Working with Purpose


Our Values

At Hudbay, our success is defined by what we do and how we do it.

That is why we have strengthened and enhanced our organizational culture across our operations. Key to this effort has been the introduction of updated values that help guide our decision-making and actions. Our values reflect how we want our people to relate to each other, to the residents of our host communities and to all our stakeholders. Living our values requires a focus on people, compassion and empathy – the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes. As our business grows, it is important to give voice to our values. They underpin everything that we do. These are our values:

Dignity and Respect

We treat our stakeholders and each other in ways that bring out the very best in each of us.


We sustain and contribute to the well-being of people and the environment in which we operate.


We speak freely and listen with care about opportunities, issues and concerns.


We can count on each other to do the right thing and we follow through on our commitments.

Our People

Hudbay employs a skilled, high-performance workforce that is representative of the communities in which we operate. We provide a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace in which employees can fulfill their full potential, to embed our mission, vision and values within our collective culture. We have implemented OneHudbay, a strategic approach to successfully grow the business. In so doing, we are building a values-based culture that gives our people the freedom and confidence to innovate and the feedback and coaching needed to grow. We are an equal opportunity employer that is working to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and to minimize management levels while maximizing collaboration, trust and respect. We are dedicated to making Hudbay the employer of choice.